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Handmade Frayed Set Pants & Crop "EMMA", Organic Clothing

Handmade Frayed Set Pants & Crop "EMMA", Organic Clothing

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Indulge in the ultimate beach experience with our Handmade Frayed Set Pants & Crop "EMMA". Perfect for a day spent lounging on the sand or wearing as a stylish swim cover-up. Or, dress it up for an evening event. As devoted believers in the value of the environment, we are thrilled to offer Artisanal Organic Clothing crafted from pure RAW Cotton. Our clothing not only looks and feels natural and beautiful, but it is also made in the most natural and beautiful way.


  • Handmade Frayed Pants and crop-top
  • Boho Style
  • Pants 40"Long 
  • Comes with two sets of adjustable strains on each side of the pants for a better fit
  • Solid print
  • Made and dyed entirely by hand
  • Fabric: 100% Raw Cotton
  • Perfect as a gift 
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