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Handmade Beach Sandals Hand-Embroidered "ALEBRIJES", Pink

Handmade Beach Sandals Hand-Embroidered "ALEBRIJES", Pink

Normaalihinta $115.00 USD
Normaalihinta $129.00 USD Alennushinta $115.00 USD
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Beautiful sandals made of Linen, Hand-embroidered by Mexican indigenous women who pay incredible attention to details, feature two ALEBRIJES birds embroidered on top of each sandal, It has a cushioned footbed for comfort. Wear it with mid-length dresses, skirts, pants, or simply for a day on the beach.
We make slow-fashion items, one by one, with patience and love! 

* Linen Gray
* Embroidery Pink Color
* Flat
* Handmade
* Hand Embroidered
* Imported from Mexico
Perfect as a gift

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