About Us


At ALLE we celebrate and support the Mexican artisans who are the foundation of our store and who have the vast experience in tooling leather by hand with an ancient technique that is inherited from generation to generation. They work from home, which gives them the great advantage of being surrounded by their family while having a source of income to support their loved ones. We work with the "Slow-Fashion" concept, meaning working the items one by one with patience and dedication, paying extreme attention to details. When you buy an item in our store, you are not only buying a simple item, but you are buying a moment in the life of the artisan.

All our bags are made of the highest quality leather, therefore you will have a purse that will last for many generations without ever going out of style. For all this, help us help.


We are also very fortunate to be able to count on seamstresses who produce handmade beachwear, from making their own fabric on looms, to hand embroidering and fraying the garments, all made from the home of these wonderful women surrounded by their family, thus generating income to be able to support to their loved ones. 

Our garments are made for all body types and styles. Our beachwear collections are made with organic materials such as raw cotton, which we use in 98% of our models. We also apply the Slow-Fashion concept, which means working each garment one by one with patience and dedication, thus achieving perfection on every detail. Each garment has its own history and the personal stamp of each woman involved in the process. 


Handcrafted jewelry made of gold, silver, and precious stones. Our passion for creating exquisite pieces of jewelry is based in the natural world, and we take great pride in combining traditional techniques with modern designs to create unique and timeless pieces

So if you're looking for high-quality, handcrafted fashion that's both stylish and sustainable, look no further! ALLE is the perfect place to find the perfect piece to enhance your look.

Thank you for supporting us!

"When you buy a handcrafted item, you are actually buying much more than a simple object. You are buying hours and days of hard work, a piece of heart, a moment in the life of the Artisan"